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So your saying the reason gay marriage should not be allowed is because people need to have limits? That’s like saying; "no one can have ice cream anymore because we need to know our sense of limits." Society is something that has ALWAYS been testing the limits of what it is said people can do. If we kept "limits" there would be no interracial marriages, heck minorities would not have equal rights. If we never tested limits women would not be able to vote, or work out of the home. You are right, when people want to change these limits people get angry, generally because they just do not like change. When women protested for the vote, many were beat up and locked away in jail cells for days, or even weeks on end. Maybe we should apply your reasoning to past events, like why free the slaves, that’s going to make a heck of a lot of people angry, maybe even more angry then gay marriage. Obviously this example is not to the same level, but we cant run our world thinking you should not do something because that might make someone upset. Our world changes over time, ONLY because people test physical, and social limits. If you have a car that can only go 5 miles an hour, its not going to get fixed by the guy in the back seat saying, "don’t improve the car, its fine the way it is, we will all get to the store eventually." Change is not easy, and its NOT going to happen if you move slowly and hope everyone changes their minds. You have to push hard and keep pushing hard, that’s the only way change comes. When you get to the end, and there are enough people to support it, then like many other things will be added to society as the norm. Don’t like it, turn around and just look in a different direction.
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