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harm? nothing in the sense of hurting people, but in the sense of making them think they should be able to do whatever they want~ if the world keeps conceding defeat and accepting such things, people are just going to keep pushing on boundries, some people of course, will be able to tell when to stop pushing the limits, but in general, man kind isnt all that intuitive, theyll go with what the rest of the world is doing, people need limits~

this isnt a religious matter for me, im a bhuddist ~ and you dont understand why im trying to keep a tradition? im not trying to keep one im just thinking it should be. Humans live to much in the present, only thinking of what they want here and now, and not what the lessons of the past have taught us and what our actions could do to the future, people who want this marriage are pushing on the tempers of millions just because they want to be able to do everything they want, with out just being happy with what they have, if change is to come, it has to come slowly and not forcefully.

and if you don't understand the pride i have in my own thoughts and tradition, then you have a different perspective on life, try and see my perspective, not as the son of one such people, but as someone values almost everything above simple emotion.

. Marriage doesn't have to be made in a church
The easiest. fricken. solution. have a different ceremony, this doesnt stomp on the beliefs of so many, nor force a change that isnt neccisary. yet could still join them in law.

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