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Liquidkid, the one thing I do not understand is why you are trying to "hold up a tradition". Marriage has not been the same thing, practiced for a "millennium". Marriage was used to exchange goods between families. Also women were looked on as having to be taken care of, so once the girl got old enough she got married so she would be taken care of by her husband and his family. These marriages were not for love, so that when the girl was too old to taken care by her mother, she got "married" and was taken care by her husband, and this took place around the ages of 12-14 to a middle aged man. Over time marriage CHANGED, to be completely a religious act, the husband, the wife and the children they created were symbolic of the nature between man and God. Once again though marriage started to CHANGE people wanted to get married because they felt love for each other, and felt marriage itself was no longer a symbol of Christianity, but a symbol of their love. That time can be pin pointed to when the Christian church started to marry men and women who could not produce children, causing the symbolic religious nature of marriage to fall away. Flash forward a few hundred years to present day. To a new time in marriage, a time like NO OTHER in the history of marriage, a time where the current values of marriage are ones you want to protect. In this time over half the marriages that occur in the USA each year will end in divorce. A time where you can go to places live Los Vegas and get married in a drunken haze in 5 minutes under the eyes of God. A time where we can go online, text messages your vote for the people you want to see get married next week on TV. You are right when you say marriage is in danger, but your not seeing the real problems, your just staring right in the face of the only thing that might save it all. Most people do not value marriage as they use to, and that’s why its falling apart, but by bringing in a fresh population of people who want t get married, a population which is fighting tooth and nail for it, and if they do get it there going to value the work they did to get it. They are going to value the fact that there was a possibility they would not have been able to get married. This is a group of people who will understand how sacred and rare, strong bonded, love filled marriages truly are. But please explain to me how gay marriage is going to do harm?
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