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Originally Posted by teenboy9
Its not some little thing on whats right or wrong. Whats right or wrong is not what this is about. I understand that you are not going to change your mind, because you have had a life time of this, a lifetime of emotions, and a lifetime of those emotions develope into opinions. I am not here to say your wrong, or to get you to change your opinion, because these things have developed over your life, and I cant open your mind. All I am trying to say is that TRY to understand where your mom is coming from. You dont have to agree with her, but you should support her, for at least no other reason beyond she is your mother.

once again my opinions havent been based on emotions for years and i have understood where my mom is coming from, she wants to be treated as a normal person, she wants to change a tradition thats been held for over a millenium, she wants to fufill her own desires even if others disagree, i do understand her, but i disagree with that~ and i have heard gay people who agree gay marriage doesnt belong in the christian church also

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