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Default Re: Loss of Virginity Survey


How old were you when you lost your virginity?10 or 11
With a boy or girl? Who was it?both(we did the girl
How old was your partner?9-10
Was it their first time?yea
Where were you?at a sleepover(her house)
How big was his/your penis, and was there trouble getting it in?5,6,7...i did have trouble,to tight
Was it painful?no
What position(s)?cowgirl,doggy,dp,letter H
How long was it?20 mins
Did you engage in anything else, such as oral or anal?i did anal,he did pussy,than we switched
[GUYS] Did you cum? Inside or somewhere else? Did your partner cum?i cummed inside,he cummed inside,she cummed too
What method of birth control did you use (if any)?no,were just lucky nothing happend
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