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u totally ignored my main point~ i dont mind her being happy, but does she have to shout it to the world, a wedding is something between a man and a woman and it should always be that way~ its tradition, my feelings~ i love my mother, to a point, pain? nope that was over a year after she left my father~ its simply my opinion that she shouldnt have the legal right to bring another woman into my family, i dont care if they have a get together, but im not gunna accept some woman into my family just because my mother sees fit to get "married"

i recomend you shut your mouth about things, you dont understand, happiness is not contingent upon what a piece of paper tells you your name or spouse is, if she believes it is then she obviously has no regard for those around her, my aunts, uncle etc accept her lifestyle, but i know theyd be against having that woman inducted into there family, NO one can make them accept it but they dont have a choice if marriage is allowed, create a new ceremony but i dont think they should be brought into the family of there spouse, after all, they have no genes to pass on so they dont need the family name

your "opinions" arent going to influence mine, my beliefs have been set in stone for the last 5 years, so dont try and tell me i have feelings to resolve, when ive have done so for years

me last post here~ u know my opinions
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