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Originally Posted by Casfetes
Originally Posted by illegalsk8ing
Hitler was a great speeker and got everyone to join him....
what the fuck.
lol Casfetes, go take a history lesson. Hitler was a brilliant motivational speaker, and everyone did join him. He would use crescendos in his tone, hand movements (that he would even reherse) subtle hints of propaganda, and occasionaly blatent hints of propaganda. He would tell the people what they want to hear in one place, and different in a nother place, he would make it illegal to possess a radio that has a wavelength further than the borders of Germany.

His methods were quite brutal, but he had a brilliant political mind, not a very good military mind though (he might have got an iron cross in WW1, but that doesn't mean he knows how to control an army, which he did on many occasions)

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