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The fact remains that anyone who is dumb enough to believe in supremacy of another race, a white super race of aryans, a leader whose propaganda could not be anymore blatent.

I wouldn't say every german in WW2 was a Nazi, because they weren't. Those that wanted any position of authority wether it be teacher or policeman, had to join the Nazi party, people were persecuted for just differences in their skin colour, or facial shape or mental aptitute.

Anyone who whole heartedly agrees with Nazi constitution, deserves a bit of freedom of speech, then a bullet in the head!

Anyone who now whole heatedly agrees in true Nazism, is also pretty much a dicktart, and using it as an excuse just to have racial prejudism.

The Nazis of WW2 were a strong party, mainly because Hitler was so persistant (the putsch etc) and with all his cheap tricks (like the Reichstag fire).

Facism just leads to persecution.

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