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Originally Posted by patch
Originally Posted by Jazbo
what he do, fall onto the trigger?
the poolboy killed him. if you go through the suicide note and read it, none of it has anything to do with suicide except the last paragraph, which is the only paragraph that they cannot confirm to be his writing, becuase there are differences between it and the rest.

I think courtney love hired the poolboy to kill kurt cobain.

other reasons (taken from,1,656,00.html)

# Cobain allegedly injected himself with three times the lethal dose of heroin--making it nearly impossible for him to be able to shoot himself.
# Cobain's head wounds are not consistent with other suicide victims' self-inflicted wounds, meaning someone else pulled the trigger.
# His suicide note wasn't a suicide note. Some Cobain was telling fans he was "retiring" from rock 'n' roll and that the suicidal bits were forged later.
# There are no fingerprints on the shotgun, which wasn't thoroughly examined until a month later.

Quote: based on two years compiling clues that, he says, show Cobain was offed by a hitman--a hitman hired by his own wife, Courtney Love.

Grant says he was originally hired by Love to investigate Cobain's disappearance from a drug rehab center days before his death. He claims that Cobain was close to divorcing Love and/or dropping her from his will. Faced with losing millions, Love masterminded a scheme "that resulted in the murder of Kurt Cobain.
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