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I had stopped coming to this post because useful debate was turning into mindless fighting. But I had to point this out, at a point did anyone else notice Dfsg saying that if you want equal rights you should move to Cuba?!!?!! I thought that was funny.
But on a serious note, this a hard debate to get moving anywhere. Some people can only see that if gays get married, then that will destroy their belief system, they want to feel that what they believe is true, and that secure feeling that they are morally right has been kept for many years with the spread of christianity. With everyone around them agreeing with them, they do not feel lost, what a great feeling that must be. But if someone is going another way, the lives built on faith may no longer seem so secure. We also have people who see religious people as hate filled, morally high bigots, slowly destroying our world with horrible bloody wars fighting for non existent creatures. But these view points are not true, religious people can be good people, they can also be right, but so can atheists, and people of other beliefs. This all comes down to what you view, but in a free country there should be HEALTHY debate, and room for us all. Gays should be allowed to comes together with all the same rights as a heterosexual couple, Christians, can keep their churches to themselves, and other groups have the same right to discriminate Christians from their ceremonies if they wish. Its called a free country for a reason, and I prey to God your wrong Dfsg because if Cuba has a freer society then us, then America has no hope.
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