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Why do people always ask shit like this? it's the same thing with std's.

you could, in theory, get her pregnant. All it takes is one sperm. But consider what you said. First, the sperm ewould have to still be alive from earlier, which means a pretty short amount of time ago, say under 10 min. Then that sperm would have no protection, taking in that the more liquid part of semen is a base to stop the slight acid in the vagina that kills bacteria and most of the sperm. So the sperm would have to survive that. Then it has to find it's was throughout the uterus, and not get attacked by the many white bloodcells there. it would then, it it were not dead from already being too old to be alive, the vagina or uterus, would have to find it's was up on of the two falopian tubes, and in the case, finding the right, one, only one egg is released, down one tube. it would then have to travel "upstream", a hard journey up the falopin tube, and bang it's head on the egg, if it then breakes through, it would get her pregnant. a super hard chance.

so, no.

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