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i'm sorry you feel like that, i know how you feel tho, maybe not exactly but enough to know its not fun...i think you might want to go to a doctor and see if you can get some meds b/c you do sound depressed if not something else. no1 has to live like you do, maybe you could get another shrink...i had one when i was younger but i didnt know y at the time, i was just forced into it. she thought my mom was crazy for thinking i had to go to one but look at me now...sorry. after a while you might get comfortable enough with him to talk to him...or you might keep things bottled up so long that you just explode. i did that to my friend once and it totally helped...i know its hard to even tell your mom that you're not doing so good, but you just have to make that first step in telling someone and then hopefully they'll help you the rest of the way.

i hope i helped some...good luck if you do ask for help
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