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Originally Posted by STL_UNLEASHED
i cut all the time no one knows about it. i dont do it for sympathy cuz if i did i wouldnt get none. i wanna die sure but im not going to kill myself. i cut when i get pissed cuz if i didnt id pick up my brothers gun and kill some one that did nothing to me. and mentaly i may be weak so wat but physicaly im no weaker than any 1 else im 13 and so what suicide crosses my mind just as many times as i get boners in 1 day but at least im not comiting suiced im just cutting my self cuz i get pissed. but not once as bad as my life is have i TRIED to kill myself. GOT DAMN MOTHER TRUCKER!
See? Exactly my point, a lot of cutters do not want any sympathy.
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