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omg this has rely shocked me, i am a rely positive person but i kinda told myself i am now depressed today, i know it sounds wierd but i always refused to admit it. most of the listed signs i have, my punctuality at school is about%70 witch is very bad my mum may get find. my empathy is unbeleavable, a knocked over a glass of pop and i have never actually got over it, i felt like i had killed the thing. my boredom is critical, i mean it got to the extent that the other day i got mum to buy me a game and the man said it was huge and i completed it in two days. the doctor says i am depressed, but we have recently moved so i now have stopped travelling to him so far away. i havnt got one anymore. i have 3 mates and i hardly now them at all (i have friends were i used to live). i just dont make them easy. i know girls are rely interested in me, i get asked out all the time but i always reject them bcus i feel they wont to use me or there too good for me. even if i like them in return, im becomin agrophobic. i only leave my bedroom to go shop, kitchen, bathroom or school. i feel like such a retard saying all this,bcus i know others are far much worst then me, and it feels freshie like. but i had to give in. i have rely bad troubles telling people how i feel. i first had councelling when i was 5 with a VICOR but i wouldnt talk to him.

if anyone can help please do so.

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