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Originally Posted by neko_hanyou88
Im a parinoid schiczophrenic with obsessive compulsive disorder and manic depression, plus i have ADD.

ok im compleatly ill. I actually have a girl who lives in my head named Allea, when im in trouble (like someone is hurting/picking on me) she will take over and defend me. sometimes she hurts them.

i have an obsession with the #4, i touch things 4 times think things four times actually if i eat something it has to be in some way four. its annoying as hell but i cant stop it.

depressed yep, not uncommon. i want to die, to kill, i cut myself, draw bloody drawings, obsessed with rape and bondage stuff, also i love blood. i want to hurt people. BLOOD PAIN DEATH!!!!

Add.....yep i forget things, i cant pay attention, and what am i talking about again?

and one more thing. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

i need a life....and a lot of medication
I don't believe your paranoid schizophrenic, sounds like bull to me. Since when was schizophrenia a split personality?

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