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Originally Posted by Jono
Originally Posted by ilusion
LMFAO...... this is panthetic!

cutters= weak people

oh god you "cutters" crack me up, your all panthetic.

Your going to cut yourself for what (this is really a question some one answer it lol) for what i ask what are you proving, who are you proving it to, what does this cutting prove.

And the answer nothing. You "cutters" simple want sympathy, you want people to see your scars and wounds and fell sorry for you.

I'm right, right ? i thought so :-)

Why waste your time why waste peoples time. Stop being afraid and kill your self or dont cut your self anymore its as simple as that.

So im for you guessed it "against"

Simple because its a waist of time and effort.
Excuse me. Who gave you the right to just come in here and call people weak? Alright, I withstood it in Puberty because it sounded more encouraging than anything else. But for your information "Mr High and Mighty" - I never let anyone see my scars - no-one. Sympathy? No-one would give me sympathy anyways, I got enough of it another time and I hated it.

Maybe some cutters want sympathy, but you are not one and I can sense you never have or will so you have no idea.

I'm all for you trying to help but calling people weak only stutters their self-confidence in which you need mostly in order to stop cutting.

I swear if you EVER come in here and call us weak you will not be posting on these Forums again.
i cut all the time no one knows about it. i dont do it for sympathy cuz if i did i wouldnt get none. i wanna die sure but im not going to kill myself. i cut when i get pissed cuz if i didnt id pick up my brothers gun and kill some one that did nothing to me. and mentaly i may be weak so wat but physicaly im no weaker than any 1 else im 13 and so what suicide crosses my mind just as many times as i get boners in 1 day but at least im not comiting suiced im just cutting my self cuz i get pissed. but not once as bad as my life is have i TRIED to kill myself. GOT DAMN MOTHER TRUCKER!

Lyric T

a song is worth more than words can express
a single line defies life more, or less
more than just a sound
listen and it will be found
the music does not glorify
violence, drugs, parents horrified
either way
whut\'s in a song i cannot say
put your own words to the song
never comes out wrong
unless made that way
like a little sun ray
it helps us sleep at night
get through tough fights
don\'t take away
whut we have today
as our only way
to survive
so don\'t take a nosedive
into attacks
on our music-- LISTEN.
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