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well im 13 and been cutting since i was 7 i see no need to stop now i cut all the time i like 2 carve stuff in my legs to and arms i carved by my balls on time and my mom yelled at me to come into the kitchen and it scared the shit out of me and my knife slipped and i swear im olny carving my lower leg.

Lyric T

a song is worth more than words can express
a single line defies life more, or less
more than just a sound
listen and it will be found
the music does not glorify
violence, drugs, parents horrified
either way
whut\'s in a song i cannot say
put your own words to the song
never comes out wrong
unless made that way
like a little sun ray
it helps us sleep at night
get through tough fights
don\'t take away
whut we have today
as our only way
to survive
so don\'t take a nosedive
into attacks
on our music-- LISTEN.
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