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Originally Posted by Dfsg
So later his Schizophrenia created two stone tablets on Mount Sinai, where he survived for weeks on end without water or food.

And his Schizophrenia parted the Red Sea in front of all the Hebrews and a large Egyptian army.

And his Schizophrenia made manna appear in the desert, which was the only food the Hebrews ate.

And his Schizophrenia shrowded the mountain for while he was in the presence of God.

And his Schizophrenia created a large clowd and a large pillar of fire that guided the Hebrews through the Desert.

Unless all the Hebrews were schizophrenic and having the same schizophrenic episodes, Moses couldn't have had all his visions and stuff just because of Schizophrenia. It was devine.
I wasn't trying to say mosus was sz, i just personally believe its more logical he was that than the son of good who had all these amazing abilities. You know anything is possible if your hallucinating, he probably wasn't scizophrenic, but what do you think happens when you are in the desert and deprived of resources?

Simple fact, if i took a walk in the Sahara desert, and i didn't pack enough water, i might start hallucinating, and thats very common in those situations, it would be quite plausible that a man wrote a book about these 'godly' experiances, because no one understood what a hallucination was at that time, it's strange that seas don't get parted these days, and that it doesn't rain frogs, or rivers turn to blood.

God wants me to goto hell for not believing in him? Im gonna sue him for blackmail and damages. (heh no offense to any christians)

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