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No one said mariage was a right. It doesn't appear in the constitution. Thanks to the anti-federalitsts, you have no rights that aren't stipulated. There is nothing to be equal here.

It isn't some terrible injustice. Just like a foreigner can't run for president, or a 12 year old can't drive a car, there are limitations on things. If we had a perfect communist society, maybe we would allow this kind of thing, but we live in a country guided by morals, and I'm darned glad to live here.

You want perfectly equal rights? Move to China, Vietnam, or Cuba. But you'll soon find that it is much better where you are now. Any communist country where atheism rules, morals are dead, and everyone is socially equal is a terrible place to live.

Also, don't throw African Americans at me. "Oh, they got freedoms, so lets all be happy and give everyone the freedom to do anything!" There are several African Americans who are sick of people using them as a reason why Gays should be allowed to marry. Many black pastors speak out against gay marraige. I am sickened that you would lower their heroic struggle to such a low as a simple gay marraige argument.

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