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Heres a little tip to understand if someone is hearing voices -

If you say "Im hearing voices doctor, i think im going schizophrenic" You are almost certainly, not schizophrenic.

If you say "Im hearing X talking about me, and its really annoying me and has made me depressed"

Usually a person who is hearing voices, does not know they are hallucinations at the time, but may suspect later on. This is where delusions come in, IF your hearing voices, and your sure its real (this is automatic, your almost sure its real when you hear them) then you will try and put up a reason for it happening.

When the content of the voices is stuff that is bizarree, this is where bizarre delusions come into it (fears of aliens etc) and they are SURE they are tlaking to aliens, or the devil or whatever it is the mind has jumped to.

So to conclude, if you think you are 'hearing voices' and haven't been told by others that you are talking to yourself, or seem to be hallucinating, then you probably aren't suffering from psychosis.

Even by me telling you, that they aren't real. You won't believe it, until you are stablised on meds and can start living your life again.

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