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I am 18.
they are actually sometimes male voices and although seem to have the same accent and language as far as i can tell, all speak differently. Some speak softly and calmly alost sort or 'old fashioned' and others are screechy and harsh and their statements are cutting and direct... these are the worst.

I also go like this.. like a vegie! i cant talk or listen or even stay standing. Although this, i dont think has qite gotten as bad as it will. I sometimes can only hear feel a loud pounding in my head, and its really busy and i cant make out anything particular. sometimes i am so scared (when i can hear them ) that i can barely breathe

Yes i know what u mean about them knowing ur fears!! I am sure at these times that its a demon or something trying to drive me out of my mind. It knows exactly how to scare me and (i feel) tries to control my actions when i refuse to act upon the ideas it puts in my head.

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