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JustJuss thats the kind of twisted shit i hear. Keep writing it down its pretty cool when you have a load of crazy statements gathered up when you look back on it.

I found that "Youll dry up and die if you dont drink 2 glasses of water" one pretty interesting.

How old are you and do these voices use the same type of vocabulary you do?

The ones i hear use different vocabulary than me. They even have a different accent. I also hear things like "Your gonna end up killing yourself", "murder yourself now" "we're hear to kill you" and shit like that but the weird thing is im not even the slightest bit suicidal and im not self destructive.

It really does seem like the voices are coming from the outside but some things make me think otherwise. After learning about chemistry the voices have started spewing out random statements about elements and chemicals etc. They only talk about things I know which is a very good indication that its coming from my head.

I have mixed feelings on these voices. Sometimes I want to believe that theyre some sort of ghosts or entities so i have my own personal proof of something paranormal but i have to admit im 21 but sometimes i get scared shitless by them just their general attitude towards me and the strings they pull to provoke fear. They seem to know exactly what my fears are and how to play on them and thats impressive because i have little or no fears.

I know what u mean when u say you dont function properly when your hearing them. Do you become really passive and just sit there and observe and not act? Also do you find your attention fixated on the voices and find it hard to concentrate on anything else? It took me a good bit of work to start functioning fully when im hearing them full on. Give yourself little tasks to perform and do them and your ability to function will improve.

Do you hear them all the time? If so you should write down as much as you can. Thats some interesting shit what you wrote. It has a similar twisted style to the stuff i hear. I havent heard them in about a week but the minute i smoke a joint i hear them non stop. Next time i do ill write it all down.
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