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yeah i am,
im on effexor for depression, i used to be on zoloft but it didnt work... effexor dosnt do much either!

Well guess what guys!? i went to see my doctor today. I couldnt tell her, and i knew this, so i wrote it all down and gave it to her...
I think she got a bit of a shock, but then didnt seem too surprised. I was only there for half anhour today (thats all she booked me in for) so i got kicked out, a absolute wreck..

I was sooo scared, and still am.

I cant help thinking that none of its real, that its just me being tired (geez i sound like my niave mother- u could break ur leg and she'd just recomend 'rest')

now she says that we all of a sudden have alot to talk about... arrgghh!! i feel so weird and scared and freaked out and i just want to sink into a hole and die!!!

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