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Originally Posted by boognish
do we have an agreement between foes?
hah maybe. Personally i think we've been debating about something neither of us can win, and i've been wasting too much brain time working on a pointless issue to me.

I've been doing drugs for 4 years now. I started off smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I smoke pot regularily now, and im holding up well at college. I have alot of friends and i take pursuit in my interests that do not involve drugs, drugs are a small part of my life.

I just got ticked off with the way some people assume that if you take a drug, your a bad person and that your life is ruined. So many people take drugs it's unbelievable, and alot of them are very acedemic and very famous (as i displayed in earlier pages examples of frued, hendrix etc)

Wether they remain legal or illegal, it doesn't matter to me. I've never had any trouble with the law, because i use things responsibly, with friends and away from the public. I don't sit in the middle of a shopping centre smoking a joint, i sit in my bedroom smoking a joint, laughing with my friends and messing about. None of us would dream of driving a car like this, but i can assume some people would.

As some people do get addicted, and some people are more willing to drive while on drugs or alcohol, or some people are more willing to gamble, or some people are more willing to skydive etc.

Drugs are down to your personality. People who never felt the need to experiment in different forms of consciousness will probably never do it, regardless of wehter its legal or not. The same goes for people who would, and they still do it, legal or not.

This is my point entirly - Drugs should be legal, because the law is having little effect on wether they take them or not, thats just down to hte individual. The government cant assume that chucking out anti drugs leaflets and adverts is going to stop everyone from abusing them, and they most certinaly cant stop the supply, because it's renewable, plants are not hard to grow, and anyone who knows a good solid basics of chemistry could with a recipe book, cook up alot of powerful drugs.

When there are drugs that are legal which are more dangerous than illegal ones, whats the point in even making any illegal.

People who have serious problems with drugs don't need jail time, they don't need impure drugs supplies. Impure heroin is one of hte leading causes of heroin related deaths, and seriously people who are addicted to heroin will find it very hard to turn down even the most impure heroin, they just want their fix.

So why not give it to them in a hospital, giving them the option to quit or not, and if they choose to, give htem all the support they need.

Or a cold jail cell. What do you think?

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