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Actually your right for the first time also nwsch. No one can win this debate and to be honest, we are not first people to try.

Infact this issue has been around for many many years, and there is alot of strong evidence on both sides biased or not biased, into wether it is dangerous to ones health or not, or wether it has any benefit.

The real issue is, and getting back to the original thread - Should all drugs be legal, regardless of wether it's cyanide, or soft drugs like Marijuana?

To spark it off, I think Yes. Everyone should have the right to do whatever they want to themselves, aslong as they are doing it in a manner that doesn't impose their behaviours on others - such as driving a car, or doing drugs or even alcohol blatently in public, or near a school for example.

I think this because there would be (in my opinion) more control because drugs are indespensible, alot of the ones kids use today that can be dangerous like E, are easily manufactured in mass quantities, in someones kitchen within hours!

It shouldn't be the production and use and selling of drugs the police should focus on, but the control of hte public who use htem. The crimes they commit should be tackled or contained completly like in Holland, with the use of Cannabis cafes, and although research in these debates is helpful, it never really helps as anyone can come up with a converse point to that research topic.

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