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Cosmos so far you've put foreward these points -

- Cannabis is physically addictive
- Cannabis use can be lethal
- Cannabis is 'bad' because it's illegal
- Cannabis is not a medicine
- Cannabis has no positive effects because there are none
- Trillions of scientists all agree it's bad
- NIDA uses 85% of every single peice of research into cannabis (i wonder what the other 15% is?!?)
- Cannabis use will ruin lives
- If anyone takes drugs, they should die, according to cosmos.

In defense...

How about instead of using NIDA, which gathers scientific research that only they want hte public to see, and has no legal boundaries on how little or how much data they can show. How about you get it from the source of the research, like i have.

The source of the lab experiments, with the methodology and etiology. The results of the research and the scientists conclusions. Rather than an anti drug webpage, which quite obviously will take an anti drug stance, and give you anti drug information. You have to be pretty ignorant to think that using one anti drug website is enough evidence.

So far i've used a range of sites, unbiased and government and non government. You've used ONE government site.

If you can get a source from medical researchers and scientists, who aren't on a government website then well done!

As for NWSCH, copying and pasting information and calling these facts your own is terrible. Atleast cite where the source came from.

Try and find your information from a NON government website, because as you keep asking me, no matter what the issue is, if hte government is involved it will be biased, no matter how unbiased they are trying to make it be. It's like letting either the accusor (government) or the defendor (scientists and cannabis activists) take the seat of the judge (government). It's biased. Sorry i have to use examples, you can't even seem to understand hte basic definition of words like mental illness, let alone prjudice and bias.

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