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"National Institude on Drug Abuse is hardly a unbiased source, it's government run. "

Prove me the government is biased, and prove to me that billions of dollars have gone down the drain for the sole purpose of making drug takers unhappy.

"You get hte impression Science is saying cannabis is evil and dangerous, from a few government funded tests."

A few? how about 85% of all the worlds research regarding the topic.

"addiction is NOT a huge issue with cannabis as it is not physically addictive, it is psychologically addictive. "

so basically your admitting that its addictive.

"The same word applys to cannabis. It has no permanent side effect,"

prove it. word of mouth doesnt prove anything

"Also in the future, i ask that you do not make false accusations against me, or conspire against me."

stop making false accusations rightnow, and maybe i will stop too
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