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Thankyou Kiros, atleast someone with RATIONAL here!

Cosmos and NWSCH, you can get a license to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes, and ingest it anyway you want, smoking it, eating it, putting it up your ass, whatever you want to do.


The pharmaceutical version of the drug currently used contains THC, the active ingredient in Cannabis, this is called Dronnibol (sp?) It can come in the form of a pill or a spray that is used inside the mouth.

Also id request that you stop hiding behind one website!

National Institude on Drug Abuse is hardly a unbiased source, it's government run.

You get hte impression Science is saying cannabis is evil and dangerous, from a few government funded tests.

Yes much of what they say is true, even on NIDA. However there are thousands of scientists who agree cannabis is a beneign drug. Beneign means it is harmless, the drug is not permanently damaging, Cancer is either malignant or beneign lump, if it's malignant it will kill you, if it's beneign it wont and it's relativly safe.

The same word applys to cannabis. It has no permanent side effect, not all users experiance side effects although most will experiance a few after heavy use, heavier users are more likey to experiance side effects, addiction is NOT a huge issue with cannabis as it is not physically addictive, it is psychologically addictive.

And most importantly, Cannabis is not Lethal, and it's used everyday for medicinal purposes and recreational purposes.

Also in the future, i ask that you do not make false accusations against me, or conspire against me.

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