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ok, now i dont care whether drugs should be legal or not...

nwshc and cosmos this is NOT a forum to start fights! Shaolin may or may not have the evidence to back up what he has said, u do not know that! do not call him a liar and do not lie, yourselves!

No, because you will say its false and im just doing all of this to get you kicked out, when in fact you said that you will fram me and have me kicked out. So, no
that REALLY sounds like ur tryin to set Shaolin up and make him look bad. jus for that, u should really be ashamed of ur doing.
i saw the convo. shaolin is a liar and a cheat
cosmos, omg, how can u say that?! u dont know whether what u saw was real or whether it was set up. with today's technology, anything can be edited, so unless u see it in real time (which is impossible unless u were over at his house watching the convo) never say that u saw the real convo!
your full of shit.
and cosmos... i dont care what ur reason is for that, u shouldnt say it because that is VERY demeaning and Im positive that Josh nor 777 would approve of such a vulgar insult!

KEEP ON TOPIC! dont fight, dont call each other liars, dont use things said out of context, and dont bring convos in VT that do not happen in VT - if its in an IM, then leave it be and do not mention anything about it.

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