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Originally Posted by Firestar View Post
Sometimes when I go to bed I close my eyes and I can hear people talking inside my head. Sometimes they're the voices of people I know; sometimes they're voices that just sound familiar. They just talk and say strange, random things. I can't really remember any right now. But sometimes one will come through very clear and it will sound like there is someone right next to me whispering it in my ear. I'll jump up and look around, but of course there's no one there. Do I have it???
Oh dear!!
im a newbie.. and am desparate for answers!! please help.
I am similar.. have been diagnosed with depression fro almost 2yrs but its been changing for a while and havnt been able to put my finger on it, since i have no 1 to talk to about it its been hard to say whether what ive been experiencing is normal...
Voices INSIDE my head when i shut my eyes mostly, saying the most random stuff, lots of them all going at once, sometimes i can hear 1 over the rest. its really scary.
sometimes i hear my name being called outside of my head and look around for mum or whoever i thought was calling... they are nowhere around me, once i even answered.. What? i cant hear u properly!!

sometimes i see stuff, like whati think is a spider out the corner of my eye, when i look, thers nothing there.. once i saw a dark figure too.

also i see the light turn off and on again quickly... and think its real.. i was at the dinner table once wen this happened and commented on it (thinking it was real) and no one Knew what i was on about.. thats when i first thought something wasnt right...

sorry to go on.

But are these hallucinations??
Should i tell my doc about them. Im scared to mention them if they arnt anything serious.. should i tell her??

would really love some help or advice
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