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There is a lot I want to respond to. Some people have said things that I never could imagine coming out of someone’s mouth if they thought twice about it. But there is waaay to many of those thoughts to go through. Maybe I just am surprised about the lack of compassion for fellow human beings voiced in this thread. War is momentary retardation of the human mind. It is one of the flaws we carry, and until we evolve into something more even minded, it will be something we will carry with us. I have personally met four people who have fought in a war, and heard maybe three others. They all talked about how horrible it was, and surprisingly almost all of them used the term "hell on earth" in some form. One man, who I met after he spoke at my school fought in Vietnam, and told me that war is the most disgusting horrible thing you will find in the world. He and a few others spoke about this "innocent view" of war. The people who support it but never fought in a real battle. That see it for its little positives, but cannot really see how much death and destruction they cause. They ALL said war is something that can only really be understood when experienced. I have never been in a war, (thank God) and do not really know what it is like. But if you listen to these people talk about war, and you look them in the eye you believe them.
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