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Well, people upset with us bombing Japan, think of this. We had lost tens of thousands of people taking Okinawa, the final step before landing men on Japan. On Okinawa, we had the support of the natives, decent medical care, and there weren't too many Japanese to kill. We landed without incident, and took most of the island.

Then Japan fought back and killed, I believe, 60,000 Americans.

Now we were facing Japan. Japan was fully militarized. Everyone was practically militia. There were military officers going around and training communities to fight off the Americans. All the little "innocent" children were willing to kill the Americans to protect the God-Emperor Hirohoto. He was their God and their Emperor.

We had no help this time. No medical help, no local help. The Islands were a hundred times bigger than Okinawa, with a much higher population. 60,000 would be a one day loss of lives, not the 2 month loss that we had on Okinawa.

We killed many militia, but very few, if any, were innocent.

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