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I personally think every life is precious, and I don't belive I have the right to take one.

So why did America get all pissed off when the twin towers fell and a small chunck of the pentagon collapsed. All the American politicans could talk about is how it's all Canada's fault we harboured the terrorists. Which is a bunch of bull, but America was scared see you thought you were safe then boom 9/11 and it all changed. You started frantically looking for someone to blame and Canada was your first target.

Then on top of that after Canada took Americas bull Canada still decided to help. Then some dumb triger happy American killed in cold blood many good Canadian soilders and acted like it was no big deal. Their were a few diplomatic appologize but that was it.

By the way where exacly are the weapons of mass destruction?

I'm not saying that nothing good has come from the War on Terrorism I just don't think America should have turned on one of it's allies so fast and without any proof.

O and by the way a nuclear winter would preaty much mean every living thing on earth would die a very painful death from a lethal radiation dosage; your organs would liquify, you would drown in your own blood, o and you would have really nasty leigions. I know i'm missen a few symptoms but I can't think of them.

I just think diplomacy and peace are better than war.

Now I know your all gonna hate me seeing as how most of the pep's on VT are from America, but this is my opinion. If i've hurt you or made a remark that you think is racist or somthing then i'm sorry, this is a just a debate and that's not what I'm trying to say, i'm just using these examples to make a point.

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