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I think if you look into anyone’s history you would see some negative events (or even) very positive events, and that has not affected their sexuality.
not everyone is the same. everyone reacts to different events in different ways. you say it as if all humans are 'programmed' to react in the same way to every situation.

Well if you want to disagree with scientific evidence, then fine. But please do not try and distort what the studies found.
wait just a minute, i did not distort anything. however, i obviously enterpretted it differently. animals are not like humans. it is not the same, no matter what you say. they are not homosexual in the way humans are homosexual. they are 'homosexuals' just so they can protect the younger generations. after all, that is what animals live to do. they do not think about 'what movie they want to go see this afternoon, or, what clothes they want to wear, they just think how they can repopulate the speciese. animals do not get pleasure out of sex they way we do. for most animals, it is painful. they do not do it for fun, they do it so that they can populate their speciese. gay animals do not become homosexuals because they dont like to bone the opposite sex of the speciese, they do it for the betterment of their speciese.

Yes it is true because you just said it is, just because it was controversial does not mean it was not there. To me it makes perfect sense that you would not allow people who can not produce children to marry in a group that says gay marriage is wrong because the marriage does not produce anything. But gay marriage is controversial, does that mean it is not an issue and should also be supported?
if the lord intended them to be barren then that is how they should be. there is no possible way for that person to have children. however, most gays are capable of having children, but they just get married for enjoyment. they could produce children if they wanted.

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