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Have you read any information on aspirin and other painkillers. You can have serious side effects with those such as liver and kidney problems, or even become addicted to those that contain codeine.

People will, no matter drug legal or illegal, get mostly positive effects from their use, they work with the human body and some are natural like cannabis, others are not so nice to hte body such as crack or crystal meth.

Comparing drug use to murder is silly, drugs are extremly safe when used responsibly, some drugs can damage you but thats only with repeated heavy use.

Cannabis has beneign effects, they fail to mention that cannabis users only experiance these side effects for a few weeks to a month, after stopping the use of cannabis. Cannabis does have long term effects on people who use it heavily, but it does not have any permanent effects, it has been studied for many many years and has been used for thousands of years.

Nida is a good resource for people who are addicted and want help. You can't hide behind a webisite though. If Nida only explains what bad effects drugs have on people and society they are being biased, they dispute medicinal effects of drugs which are well known by scientists NOT funded by the goverment.

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