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You seem to have the impression cosmos, that when a person uses a drug, they will get hooked almost immediatly. The drugs side effects will turn the person in a brain damaged vegetable and they won't be able to live life as they wished.

Yes it is true, some people get addicted to drugs, but the majority of people were probably addicted to tobacco or alcohol first, or atleast used them on a regular basis. Those being the most available intoxicants around.

Just because alcohol and tobacco are legal, it doesn't mean they are safer than any drugs. Alcohol particularily can be lethal in large doses, and you know what kills the most people, legal prescription drugs.

You can abuse legal drugs and get the same side effects if not worse than illegal drugs. Drugs are only illegal because they are not what a government wants of it's ideal population.

Society would NOT crumble and intelect would not disintergrate. Did you read the list of famous people who have been addicted to drugs?

They are not brain dead zombies, whose lives are just battling against addiction, they have real lives that they do everyday and drugs are only a small part of their life, a recreational part on the same level as say drinking at a party to make it more sociable.

Crime would not increase as drugs would be actually controlled by the government, at the moment, where does most gangs in America you think make their money?

Drug dealers are what keeps gang warfare alive. If you also think that when drugs are made legal, that everyone will start taking them and hte country will be over run with violence for people stealing things to buy drugs, your wrong. The police wouldn't be spending 90% of their time tracking drug dealers and busting people for doing a crime that hurts no one except the person that consciously wants to take it.

The police would have ALOT more power over society, and drug abuse can be tackled directly in the population, with no stigma and clean realiable drugs to slowly cut down on, just look at how everyone used to smoke tobacco and now only a third or so of hte population smoke. Tobacco is legal so it's easily controlled, people that get addicted and want to stop have alot more support than drug addicts, because smoking is socially acceptable.

So why should say Cannabis be illegal, if it is not as harmful as alcohol. It's not a drug you find ourself out of control on, you still have your mind and can make decisions better than a drunk person could.

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