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i never meant that all of the people were wrong. just some of their facts are biased and un proved and that they arnt showing all of the data.
drugs are bad. one thing i didnt mention is what my dad told me about drugs. he told me they are fun, but never do drugs. they can ruin your life. they might not but it could. drugs are a terrible thing. if you get addicted and you will it becomes really hard to get off, so i dont want you to do any drugs or smoke ciggaretes. in the long run its not worth it

the last 2 sentences were in his words

but my dad owned his own buisness that he built up himself. and we are no longer rich, quite the oppisite now. my dad hired bad accountants that didnt do our taxes and when my dad had a heart attack and my bro was born a couple a months all went to hell. but thats besides the point. i will probly only try drugs. i could never do drugs like addicts do, not cause i know they are bad, not cause they're hard to get, not cause its illegal. its cause i trust my dad and his ideals. everybody should ask their rents if they ever did/tried drugs

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