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Notice: this post is not a flame, its not a rant, and its not a shitty essay. its a polite apology and more. Please dont be intimidated by its size, if you cant read it now, read it later, but if you have time, please read it.

Listen boognish, im not ever trying to single you out or anything. im not going to argue with you that your dads a great guy, or that your moms not. i believe you, i trust you. what youve just shown is that in some cases the use of drugs is good, and nothing bad comes from it. i can understand that, though you are one of the very lucky people whose only had a positive experience with drugs. ive known a lot of people in my family, and friends of my family, who have had bad experiences with drugs.

now i can understand where all you people are coming from. if it feels good to get high (i assume), and as long as i dont hurt anyone else, why cant i just do what i want with my own body?

well you know what, you should be able to, but i dont believe society can handle that. on an individual basis, taking drugs might be fun--taking extacy makes parties more fun, hallucinating destracts you from your pain in ordinary life, and alcohol can make life's problems float away.

However, drugs are still harmful for your body. If everyone was allowed to smoke, to inject, to snort, life as we know it would break down. the intellectual status of people would disentigrate.

no one would care about anything but there fix. there wouldnt be any astronaughts, any engineers, there wouldnt be anyone smart to carry out the business of the nation, because all people would need to be happy is their joint.

I always like to relate this to the following:

In the united states (well at least in california, im not sure about the other states), law says that you have to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, until your a legal adult (18). now i think to myself, why should the government decide whether i wear a helmet or not? why should the government make decisions about my safety of my body, when i have the right to make them for myself?

if i want to get injured, i have the right to do whatever to my body right? wrong. while this might seam right, you have to look at the bigger picture. if a lot more kids had to be taken to the hospital for head injuries, the price of healthcare would go up for everyone to cover all the kids who didnt have insurance (a lot of underpriviliged familes dont). so while you might only be hurting yourself by not wearing a helmet, your also indirectly hurting everyone else.

while you might not be hurting yourself (well at least externally you arent), you still do hurt other people. think of the big picture. if everyone did drugs, i just can't see how society and order could exist.

i dont even know where im going with this now, cuz im really tired and forget what im writing about.

Boognish im interested (i really am) about your dad. how did he get so rich? you are a very lucky person to have that kinda money, and i only wish the best for you. im sorry that you had to tell me at the end not to insult you, cuz this shows that everyone thinks im going to go insulting them. im sorry to everyone i have, and im sorry to you boognish if i ever did to you.

Shaolin im sorry that i always argue with you so much. im sorry that my views are different. while i will never get over your stance on certain issues, i hope from now on i can argue in a peaceable way, and try not to offend anyone.

ONe last thing (i cant tell how long this is, cuz im typing in the quick reply box and i dont nkow if ive written too much) before i go.

When it comes down to it, I agree with the doctors. I agree with the DARE officers who visited my school, I agree with my counselor at school, I believe in my unlce whose a police officer, I believe in the current laws that govern our nation, i agree with every single nationally dedicated organization committed to research on drug use, i agree with all the scientists who do countless experiments and studies, i agree with the billions of dollars that funds such organizations in an effort to bring the knowledge of good health to everyone, so everyone can live a better life. i can't say i believe in the people who claim the thousands of government workers, millions of doctors working with millions of scientists, every clinical study, every experiment, and every anti drug fact is WRONG. i just can't believe it. theres so many educated people in the entire world who have taken i stance against drugs, and i believe those people over the few who stand up for harming the body.

Please guys, i dont care whether you think the government thows billions of dollars into some massive conspiracy to take away all the fun in life just for the hell of it.

But please, if you ever want to go somewhere with true scientific data, with true statistics, with true international recognition, and with true PREVENTION techniques and help for teenages who are addicted, visit NIDA, the National INstitude of Drug Abuse, who works hand in hand with the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services. They support more than 85 percent of the world's research on the health aspects of drug abuse and addiction.
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