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you seem to be at a wall cosmos. all that you know about drugs are biases and myths and stereo types. all drugs will kill you. ohhhhh. my dad has done drugs since he was 12. he smoke weed, snorted cocaine, tripped on acid, ect. all the fuckin time. and he is cool. he is the perfect dad. his memory aint shit. his life aint shit. he was at one point worth 7 million dollars. when has anyone in your family had anything to do with 7 mil? hm? why isnt he now? he had hired some bad accountents that never paid our taxes, like they should've. now my mom, never touched a drug in her life. and you know what? shes a bitch, a hard-ass bitch. and i'll hate her till i die, why? cause my dad was a kid, he knows about what im going through and what i might go through. my mom, my mom was a loser when she was a kid. but if your gonna go with what you hear i'll go with what i hear. i see, see that doing drugs had improved and furthered my dads careree and life to make him a great person. my mom never touched drugs and ended up like a retarded bitch. now in my book drugs=good life. am i wrong? yes. why? drugs arent always good. kinda like they aint always bad. like i said earlier everything you said is a overstatement, a stereotype. your views on drugs can be compared to you thinking that blondes are dumb, mexicans are lazy, everyone in san fransico is homosexual, there is always some big consprisy in the govt, left handed people have a better chance of dieing young. all of there are wrong and hurtful. for all those crack heads and pot heads, go fuck yourself. for all you normal kids, good job. for all you non-drug users, get a life and stop beating us down. also cosmos, you masterbate right? well like drugs, if the gov't could they would take masterbation away from kids why? cause the church and "studies" have biased it as wrong....similar to drugs. cetch my drift? if it makes you happy, the govt will try to ruin it. drugs, cencorship, sex, ect. all has been regulated by the gov't so you cant be happy without doing everything that they want to. is the gov't wrong for this? no. its just stupid of it. this is all i want to say for now. cosmos if you insult me you are just proving the point that you are ignorant, you are weak, and you have no real reason to hate drugs other than "my mommy said they was bad, uh-huh, mommys always right"

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