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A) insulting is not an immature way of handling anything, no matter what you say

B) when i contradicted myself the first time i was making a generalizing because most of the shit that flies out of your mouth is that, shit. and besides, i said the second quote AFTER the fact you presented that was true. therefore im not negating myself at all. and no, my friends dont do drugs, i know that for fact. you honestly believe that half of my firends do drugs just because 50% have done drugs? thats ludicrus. you know how they say every 15 seconds someone dies from drunk driving? do you honestly believe that if you count to 15 at that exact moment someone will die, and only after another 15 seconds another person will die? i hope not, cuz then youd be stupid. its just an average. just because of 50% of the loser population has done drugs (and most of that was a one time experimental thing), doesnt mean any of my friends have. tard
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