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Originally Posted by cosmos
it doesnt show weakness, it shows power. your afraid to insult people, and conversely that shows weakness. all your facts are fake, so i always disregard them completly
Ha, if you thought in Congress during a debate everyone could just stand up and shout cock sucker your wrong. Also in the house of commons people don't just stand up and shout "DICKHEAD!" when they are losing an argument.

Insulting is a PRIMITIVE method of expressing your anger.

Im not afraid to insult people, infact naturally im a very agressive person, although as a counselour and moderator on this forum i avoid as much insulting as i can.

Not throwing insults at each other is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of maturity.

As i've said many times before...Grow up!

Prove to me my facts are wrong, fool.

This is for the UK, it's about the same level in the US - 50% of teenagers have tried cannabis!

This is for the USA (the white house - now disregard my facts kid)

Prove to me those statistics aren't reliable.

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