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"Go ahead and overdose, screw up your kids lives, End up like terri shivo."


As for cosmos, it doesn't matter about the money your right. At the moment though, BAD people are making money out of RUINING LIVES as you like to put it.

If you have hte attitude of 'don't care what you do, you can ruin your life if you want' then its in contrast to 'drugs should be illegal and you should die if you do drugs' as cosmos puts it.

A large chunk of hte population take drugs regularily. Drugs do not ruin lives. I've given you examples of a few famous people that have used drugs. Did drugs ruin Frued's life? Well if you call the most influencial psychologist ever a failure, then your abit daft. His life wasn't ruined and he smoked opium regularily.

What about the 1 in 4 people that regularily take drugs? That would mean a quater of the population have had their lives ruined, so obviously they all live in bus shelters and don't work.

How about you define 'ruined life' because there is a difference between say someone who smokes a joint of cannabis every month or so, and someone who steals and sells their possessions to buy a fix everyday.

You should be more accepting of peoples lifestyles. If people cut themselves, should we intervene and stop them? Why should we, its their body, their temple, and they can ruin their temple if they want to.

It's called freedom. Something your country was supposadly built on...Now i beg to differ.

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