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Originally Posted by Shaolin
My point was that at the moment, drugs are completly controlled by the black market, gangsters. If drugs were legal, gangsters would make NO money from drugs and drugs would be in the pockets of police.

If they were made legal, crime would be cut down a billion. Drug dealers wouldn't exist in the old sense, they would be normal people in shops or clinics.
The point isnt how much drugs cost. Its not how much it costs to fight the drug war, how much money the govenernment would get if drugs were legalized and in their control. Money isnt an issue. It costs $35000 a year to sustain ONE prisoner in America. There are more than 2 million people behind bars in my country. Do you think moneys an issue? No. Its not. I hate people who say all this money could be made and spent elseware if the government legalized drugs. Thats like saying why not let out the prisoners so we have all this extra money? The issue is that DRUGS ARE BAD AND WE ARE TRYING TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM RUINING THEIR LIVES
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