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Err no it wouldn't.

Use examples please, rather than your faulty thinking.

Drugs were not always illegal, Cocaine used to be in coca cola, and there used to be opium dens. Cannabis was legal in the 1930's. LSD was legal in the 60's. Alot of drugs people abuse today are legal.

Just because they become legal doesn't mean people will jump to taking them. Would you go out and buy some heroin if it became legal? No, because you already have it set in your mind that drugs are bad, thanks to state funded education.

If you think making even cannabis legal is SO bad, look at Holland, it has one of the lowest hard drugs figures in Europe. The UK has THE highest, and only a year ago cannabis was in the same class of drugs as amphetamines.

Please nw and cosmos, your arguments aren't relaible unless backed up by fact.

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