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rite well first of all i am a drugie i love drugs but i know they wudnt be nearly as gd if they were leagal although i wud still do them. half of the reason i take drugs is 4 the feelin it gives me and half is 4 the overall experience (goin 2 see ur dealer drivin round wiv stuff hidden in the boot incase the pigs bust ya and sittin in a house takin them) so if drugs are leagalised that side of it has gone but the feelin is gd enuf 4 me 2 carry on. but i think if sum1 wants 2 do drugs then they will and tryin 2 track down drug dealers cost money which cud be made at shops by selling the drugs and the police can concentrate on other stuff. the only drug i reckon shudnt be made leagal are the really addictive 1's cos they just ask 4 trouble infact it wudnt matter so much if the price was cheap aslong as ppl can afford thier habbits ther isnt a problem
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