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Lets turn the tables.

You show me proof that these documents and these historians do not mention Jesus. Have fun reading Livy's writings. They are kinda long (more than 120 books). Look through Seneca's works, and even take a look at the authors that have writen only a few years after the resurection (they are still primary sources of the day, the most reliable type of history) Josephus was born in Jerusalem only four years after the resurection, and he was commissioned by Rome to write a history of the Jews in the area, and he writes much stuff about Jesus. I'll give you a place to start: Antiquities, Book 18, ch. 3. But I've given you more than enough.

You first said there were no documents outside the Bible that mention Jesus. I found many. You then said that there were no documents from the time of Christ, I found some. You've put rediculous rules on what constitutes proof, but I can still bring some to the table. Going back 2000 years for anything is a tough task for any historian, but it has been done, and Jesus was there.

It's time for you to do more work than use your speculation as "proof". As we have seen, you were wrong twice because you used speculation.

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