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Generally when people write histories, they write them after the fact. Just because my history book was written in 1998 doesn't mean that everything that happened beforehand isn't true. Many of the writers were alive to be around during His death. There also weren't many Christians yet, and His impact on the world wasn't fully relealized yet. Remember- there were only 5000 Christians when Peter first tried to establish a church after the resurection.

Do you think Peter and Paul's words spurred on a Secular writer, such as those listed above, to write about Jesus? A secular writer doesn't write about religion, and is a factual as can be without bias- why would they write about Jesus unless he was truely around?

But that's sill not proof enough for you, so how about this- The Secular Historian Seneca was born about three years before Jesus. He was alive for every event in Jesus's life, and lived 30 years longer, to see the early church form. He makes a reference to Jesus as well. So, dispute this one.

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