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He is mentioned twice in The Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus in A.D. 94. The death of James, the brother of Jesus, and John the Baptist are also mentioned.

He is also mentioned by the following historians/writers:
Cornelius Tacitus, Governor of Asia, in A.D. 112.
Seutonius, Roman historian, in A.D. 125
Pliny the Younger, Governor of Bithynia (Turkey) in A.D. 112
Lucian of Samosata in the 2nd century A.D.
A Syrian named Mara Bar-Serapion in a letter to his son, comparing Jesus with Socrates and Pythagoras.
In 215 A.D. Julius Africanus recorded the writing of a historian named Thallus who wrote in A.D. 52. Thallus recorded the supernatural darkness which came upon the earth at Passover in A.D. 32. Many have dismissed this darkness as an eclipse, but a normal eclipse cannot occur during a full moon, and Passover takes place during the full moon. Phlegon from Lydia wrote in @138 A.D. about this darkness and when it occurred. Tertullian wrote that the event was recorded in the Roman archives and that the record could still be consulted in his day.
In A.D. 325, Eusebius quotes Hegesippus, about an interview with the descendants of the brothers and sisters of Jesus @A.D. 81-96.
Jesus and some of his disciples are referred to in the Jewish Talmud.

Are those enough references? There are more if you'd like them.

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