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Originally Posted by cosmos
drugs should stay illegal, because the more impurities in them the better. i hope everyone who is stupid and takes drugs dies. and if thats you, i hope you die too
Uhuh, and i should report that statement. Sounds abit like your losing your temper and can't seem to hold up a dicussion. You don't provide facts, all you do is RANT!

If bartenders pissed in alcoholic drinks, do you think that would be ok?

If we put cyanide in cigarettes, would that be ok? Would it also be ok to put poison in paracetemol? How old are you? Because your displaying the mental age of an embryo.

Do you think Bill Clinton, President Bush (your beloved husband) are bad people? Afterall they smoke cannabis at one point, and President Bush was previously a cocaine addict and broke the law many times.

Was Frued stupid? He smoked alot of opium, and pioneered psychotherapy. The very thing this whole forum is based on, talking about your problems.

What about Edgar Allan Poe - Another opium addict, i guess his writing was stupid?

Jim Morrison? - He took LSD, maybe he was stupid for creating the doors.

Jimmy Hendrix - He took a plethora of drugs, was he stupid for creating a whole new way of playing the guitar.

I could go on for ages... It wouldn't make a difference to you though, your just an immature, close minded, tight assed conservative.

Infact - I will not return to this topic to debate with "Cosmos" unless he has something valid to say, and backs his points up with evidence, not BS.

Anyone else willing to contest my views?

- Don't judge something until you've tried it! - Don't bash drugs if you haven't tried them, or even know what they do/are, and who takes them. Stop believing everything you hear, or that you were taught in school from an early ages, DRUGS ARE BAG MMMKAY?! - This means you Cosmos!

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