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There are a lot of statements that can come into question from the three previous posts. I'll answer some of them. First, the big question "Why does God let bad things happen" or, "Why do bad things happen to good people".

This is a matter of choices people make in their lives. You can not mess with the free will of others, and God will not mess with free will either. If Mao Zedong (who was much worse than Hitler) decided to kill 100 million people, that was his own terrible free will. God is all powerful, but he has given us the power of free will, and that is why sin exists, and that is why bad things do happen. Would you want God to take free will away from you?

Now, asking God about selfish things, such as winning the lottery. Yes, God answers every prayer to win the lottery. He just answers "no" to most of them. Why would God want to endulge your selfish desires? That selfishness comes from the Devil.

Also, about you doubting that a married couple could refrain from sex, it's not hard. They hadn't been a couple for a long while. You can't say that everyone is as taken by sex as you might be. It used to be a much different thing, with more rules and regulations guarding it.

Also, you claim that no writings mention Jesus until the 130's AD. However, the words of John Mark talk about Jesus possibly around the 50s AD. There are other writings, especially genealogies, that were completed with his name at the time of his birth. Those records are still available today.

You want to see solid proof that Jesus is real, but I refer you to the memorable seen between Jesus and Thomas. 10 of the 11 are worshiping together (after the resurection), and Jesus reveals himself to them. Thomas is not there (as well as Judas the Iscariot, but he was dead), and doubts that Jesus actually did appear, and needed proof that he was resurected. Jesus appeared and told him to put his finger in his hands, and put his hand into his side. Then Jesus said "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed". Jesus knew it would be hard for many people to believe, but he knew that there would be many who would find his grace without using their sense of sight.

And to one more point brought up, three men writing the Bible? I can name Abraham, David, Solomon, James (brother of Jesus), Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, and Isaiah off the top of my head. There is also Moses, Elezar (son of Aaron), Joshua, Nathan, Gad, Samuel, Ezra, Nehamiah (my favorite prophet), King Lemuel, Agur son of Jakeh, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea, Amos... The list continues. Many of them wrote the books bearing their names, and many contributed to portions of one book. They all have evidence to support their writing a piece of the Bible.

Now, there is a bit of Pope bashing on here. One: The Pope is only a Catholic, and does not represent many Christians (such as myself). Two: The Pope does speak directly to God, but so can everyone else.

I hate arguing all the specifics about my religion. Yes, I do know them, and I do have proof of events in the Bible, and the such, but it doesn't help anyone. Does it bring you closer to Jesus? No. Maybe some day you will come to need Jesus Christ. He'll always be there for you. Maybe His grace alone is what can bring you closer to Him.

God Bless all of you- even if you don't want a blessing.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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